5 Factors That Influence Job Performance

Jul 21, 2020 | Business, Human Resources

5 factors that influence job performance

An effective employee possesses a set of skills and in return creates a positive and productive working environment. There are many aspects that affect the employees’ behavior in the work space. These aspects have an effect on whether or not the employee is adequate in his/her job. Knowing these aspects in depth and taking full advantage of them will benefit the organization.

Some of the elements we can mention are:

  1. Knowledge and skills

The ability to learn and acquire knowledge are of great importance to guarantee good performance in the task that is being performed. Both the general knowledge and the willingness to learn allows for better intellectual development on the activity that is carried out. Therefore, this guarantees that the task is performed efficiently. These two things have a great influence on one’s job performance.

 Knowledge and skills are aspects that can be taught to others.  It is of great importance that organizations take the appropriate measures to increase and deepen these aspects in all their workers.


  1. Work experience

Having experience is another important aspect that contributes to great a job performance. Knowing the job at hand, having the expertise and confidence to execute every task, is a very important trait in achieving great results.


  1. Displayed Effort

The effort that a person gives in any activity, in this case manual labor, is in line with the energy and drive he/she consciously or unconsciously generates when performing a task. Their effort toward every assignment contributes to achieving good results.

Not all people in the work force display the same amount of effort. This does not mean that those who demonstrate a larger drive always obtain greater results at work. It is important to maintain a high level of motivation for each employee according to their characteristics. This will help them contribute, while using the maximum of their capabilities, without negatively affecting their physical or mental health.

  1. Stress

Stress is a very serious factor that influences many individuals. Stress can arise from work, family related problems, and or other personal problems. If it is not controlled, at the appropriate time and level, it can negatively affect the individuals job performance, physical, and or mental health. 

Stress can occur in any particular situation. Example; when the demand/task is too overwhelming and or when the task far exceeds the individual’s capabilities and his/her resources.

 Stress affects everyone in different ways, not everyone reacts the same. The elements that triggers stress are called stressors. The most common stressor in the work space occurs when an individual must complete an assignment with little time, labor, help, and attention, when more is needed. Another stressor is the one where the individual doubts his/her skills, competence, and or abilities to undertake the activity.

In addition, it is very important to take into account the longevity and level of stress each person has. This certainly affects his/her job performance.

 There are certain methods to counteract stress such as; physical exercises and relaxation techniques, but one of the best methods is by improving how your work space is organized. You can better your communication skills, increase employee participation, delegate, have balance in the work space, accomplish more by capitalizing on every individuals’ capabilities and time, and much more.  

  1. Incentives

Incentives or rewards are important elements to obtain higher labor returns. A laborer may be incentivized by external aspects which in turn can positively influence his/her job performance. Some incentives could be; a bonus, a raise, and any other cash rewards. Other incentive could be improvements in the work space, tools, and any other materials. Some incentives affect the internal aspects of the individual, their education, their values, their motivation, their discipline. Laborers desire to be useful. Incentives pushes them to perform great and accomplish each task at a high level.

For this reason, to obtain high and positive results from every individual in your organization, one must know how to wisely direct and operate with each individuals conduct and behavior. In return your organization will yield positive results.

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Katherin Valenzuela

Katherin Valenzuela



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